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Sarah. 19. Lover of good times and good tunes.
I have no idea what I'm doing with my life.

copeland. kings of leon. bon iver. band of horses. regina spektor. ingrid michaelson. she & him. avett brothers. avi buffalo. azure ray. death cab for cutie. postal service. lady gaga. grizzly bear. the swell season. the morning benders. fruit bats. conor oberst. bright eyes. coconut records. the decemberists. the shins. broken bells. yeasayer. vetiver. miniature tigers. tristen. lydia. deas vail. john mayer. noah and the whale. adele. ratatat. margot & the nuclear so and so's. the frames. the beatles. library tapes. julian casablancas. empire of the sun. portugal. the man. woodpigeon. ben folds. seapony. belle and sebastian. city and colour. of montreal. elliot smith. sondre lerche... to name few.

Sep 5th at 11PM / 6 notes
love the sand dunes in lakeland.

love the sand dunes in lakeland.

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